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Hypnosis Services Kitchener Ontario Peggy Kelly Davies

the holistic heart mind connection experience

Peggy Kelly-Davies left a 15-year position as a Computer Programmer for a career in Motivational Hypnosis, which came about as a result of seeking hypnosis for a childhood fear of insects, making her life very uncomfortable during Ontario summers.
So impressed with the effectiveness of the science, she trained as a Consulting Hypnotist, and later certified as an Instructor of Hypnosis. Peggy completed her initial training with Dr. Georgina Cannon, then successfully completed advanced training in the US in the highly effective 5 Phases of Advanced Transformational approach under process founder Cal Banyan personally. Through the clinic in Bowmanville, ON. and Kitchener Waterloo, she is dedicated to helping her clients and students succeed in a supportive and confidential environment.


Individual Hypnosis sessions available through booking. Hypnosis looks to bring you to a state of wholeness and wellness! Peggy sees clients for Anxiety, Stop Smoking, Fears & Phobias, Study & Test Anxiety, Self Confidence and so much more!


Is there any such thing as reincarnation? If so, what impact may a past life have on your client's current life? It doesn't matter if you believe in the practice or not, PL has been proven to be an effective healing modality for clients looking for balance in their lives.


7th-Path® Self- Hypnosis is an advanced form of hypnosis whereby you are taught to take yourself through hypnosis. This incredible form of hypnosis can be taught to you through individual sessions or in 7th-Path® workshops!

chapter meetings

An NGH Chapter is a professional peer support group that meets monthly and features guest speakers drawn from all areas of business to help Members run an informed practice, and presents training tips, demonstrations and practice sessions run by accredited Instructors. For more information on coming to a meeting click HERE!

certification training

You will learn the art and science of hypnosis and how to set up and promote your practice. Independent research has shown that graduates of this program are successful.
Gain the respect of your colleagues when you add hypnosis to your skills. This program goes beyond the basics so that you can succeed in the growing profession. For more information on becoming a Certified Hypnotist click HERE!

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